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"My boys would never do their chores, now they run in fear thanks to Gel Blaster! My house is always clean."

Liz - Empowered Mom

"Thanks to Gel Blaster I no longer have to say, “No, thanks” face to face. Now, I can answer from 60 feet away."

Sami - College Student

"My parents used to beg me to walk away from the screen. Now, I go willingly into the wild. It's like Fortnite in my backyard. "

Kory - Gamer

"My life was boring before Gel Blaster. I was just your average guy….. Until the future called and said it was time to be totally stellar. Now, look at me, still your average guy with a cool new toy. 10/10 will Gel Blast again!

James "The Gel Blaster Guy"

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