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At Gel Baster, we are super excited to work with content creators like yourself to spread the word about Gel Blaster. A few things to note. For terminology, we want to make sure we don’t call it a “gun”, it’s a “blaster”.It doesn’t “shoot”, it “blasts”. It doesn’t blast “ammo”, it blasts “gellets”. That’s it! Gel Blasters makes Blasters, like surge and starfire, that blast gellets. Easy, right?

Want the product to look great in your content? We recommend always showing this side of the blaster; it’s the side without the screw holes. It just looks a little better that way.

If you are using our glow-in-the-dark starfire blaster, nothing makes it look cooler than adding some extra UV light. It can be as simple as any black light, or you can even use any UV flashlight, plenty of which are from amazon. It’s not necessary, but it does help the product and the gellets glow really well on camera.

Lastly, we have some branded end pages, logos, and b-roll available in handy .mp4 formats that can be downloaded straight to your camera roll, if you’d like to use any of it in your edits. You can find the links right here at gelblaster dot com slash create.

That’s it! We are looking forward to seeing your vision come to life! Thank you from the team at Gel Blaster.