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September 13, 2023 2 min read

Portal Smart Target - New Update!
(Patch Notes 9/13/23)

We’re excited to announce the latest update to Gel Blaster Portal!  Update your app in the app store and you can update your portal wirelessly by following the instructions below.How to update your Portal
  • Update your app
  • Click "add device" and you'll see your portal, this will show you an "update" button on your target
  • Once it updates you will see the "add" button
  • Once you click add you're ready to play

What’s New

  • New games!
  • New battle modes for bigger groups playing with multiple targets
  • In-game difficulty adjustment
  • Updated interface
  • Unclaimed portals are immediately recognized in the app.
  • Updated 200+ foot range for portal connections (provided no major interference like buildings)

New Games Overview:

Scatter - One player
  • How many green panels can you clear within your time. A great starter game!
Focus Fire - Two player
  • Pick your color and blast them before they move. Stay focused, the colors change fast!

Introducing Battle Modes

Battle Modes are new games available on Gel Blaster Nexus specifically for multi-target team play. Now you can have fun with the whole family, or even the whole neighborhood!

Capture the Base

Using two or more targets, assign targets to each team’s base, and set target health (how many times does the target need to be hit to score a point). Go play and see how many points your team can score. Targets reset five seconds after every point.


Each team has a color. Your team's goal is to turn every panel on a Portal your color and stop your opponents from doing the same. Every five seconds a target is fully claimed your team gets a point. Get bonus points for claiming initial targets, and for swapping a target to your team’s color.To start, each target shows two panels of each team color. If you blast the alternate team's color on a portal, its now winnable for your team. Tag all the remaining panels, and you've "dominated" that Portal and will begin earning points until they blast it.

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