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M4B Blaster

M4B Blaster

M4B Blaster


The M4B Gel Blaster is a black M4 style replica that shoots Gellets up to 150ft at 250 Feet Per Second (FPS). This model is equipped with M4-specific controls that fire fully automatic only!

-Fully Automatic
-Collapsable Stock
-Magazine Ammo Capacity: 300 Gellets
-Safety Orange Tips & Grips
-Safety Switch
-Weight: 2.6lbs
-Length: 31.5in Fully Extended
-250fps Feet Per Second (FPS)
- Up to 150ft Range

-7.4V Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery with Charger
-Simulated Reflex Scope
-Accessory Rails
-Sling Mounts (Sling not included)
-Safety Goggles
- 10,000 Round Gellet™ Pack