GB 1911 Blaster

GB 1911 Blaster

GB 1911 Blaster


The GB 1911 Gel Blaster is a pistol style replica that shoots Gellets up to 100ft at 150 Feet Per Second (FPS). The Gellets are released from a gravity-fed hopper that can be reloaded easily to keep the fun going!

-Fully Automatic
-(2x) Gravity Fed Hoppers that each hold 500 Gellets
-Safety Orange Tips, Grips
-Safety/On Switch
-Weight: 1lbs
-Length: 10.5in fully extended
-150fps Feet Per Second (FPS)
-Up to 100ft Range

-7.4V LiPo Rechargeable Battery with Charger
-Laser Red Dot
-Mini Flash Light for Night Play
-Accessory Rails
-Safety Goggles
-3,000 Round Gellet™ Pack