Why The Gel Blaster Surge is The Hottest New Game

Why The Gel Blaster Surge is The Hottest New Game

Why The Gel Blaster Surge is The Hottest New Game

Gets Off The Couch

Are you bored in the house, in the house bored? With just enough sting to make it exciting, Gel Blasters are the solution to get you moving outside!

Assembles The Squad

Hand a surge to your friend or get the whole group involved. Pick your teams, choose your colors, and have a blast, literally.

Real Life Video Game

Put down the headsets, it’s time to play with your friends face-to-face and show off your skills to determine who’s the Gel Blaster champion. Take cover behind a tree, jump over obstacles, and sneak up on your opponent. We promise this is more fun than any virtual game.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

Each Gel Blaster SURGE comes ready to go with 10,000 Gellets, and up to 5-hour battery charge, so you can enjoy hours of fun as soon as it arrives!

Don’t Stress About Making A Mess

Invited a bunch of friends over and had an epic battle? Don’t worry about the after-party cleanup. Gel Blasters shoot biodegradable Gellets™ which are made from an all-natural, non-toxic, non-irritating, starch-based material, that bursts on contact. They leave no stain or gel residual; less mess means less stress and more focus on the FUN!


Gel Blasters are the definition of fun. Will you join Floyd Mayweather, TheNelk Boys, James the Gel Blaster Guy, and countless others in battling it out with the hottest new blaster?