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how to use your

new gel blaster

Take your game to the next level with eco-friendly, mess-free Gel Blasters.

Warning: The Gel Blaster is not intended to get wet. Don't submerge your Gel Blaster in water, and make sure your Gellets are fully strained of excess water. This will protect the battery and circuitry within.


Charge the Surge Blaster

  • Your Gel Blaster Surge comes out of the box with a little charge, but needs to be fully charged for best results
  • Plug the included charging cable into your blaster and the other end into a power source to charge
  • The indicator light will go from Red to Green once fully charged and will last for 4 full hours of gameplay!

prep Gellets

  • Add your pack of 10,000 Gellets into 1 gallon of water.
  • Let Gellets sit for 2+ hours (You’ll know when your Gellets are fully hydrated when there’s still water left in the bucket after 2 hours.)
  • Once fully hydrated, drain all the excess water, adding only Gellets to your hopper.

Attach Hopper to Blaster

  • With the blaster upside down, screw your hopper directly into the feedneck
  • Make sure the hopper is hand tight and that the feedneck is clicked into position

Turn the Blaster On

  • Flip the rocker switch to turn on your blaster
  • Flip left to select Single Shot, right for Full-Auto
  • Flip the switch to the middle to turn it off