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Gel Blaster Quick Startup


  1. Charge the Surge Blaster: The Gel Blaster Surge ships with a small initial charge, but needs to be fully charged for best results.  Charge time is around 45 minutes out of the box for a 4 hour play time experience.   
  1. Prep Gellets:  To prepare your ammo, add 1 pack of 10,000 Gellets into 1 gallon of warm water, then wait for the Gellets to expand for 2+ hours.  Fully hydrated Gellets are the best ammo to use, so wait until the Gellets have absorbed all the water.  Drain excess water leaving just the Gellets ready for use.
  1. Fill Hopper with Gellets:  Submerge hopper in Gellets at an angle with the opening facing towards the top. After filling with Gellets, place thumb over the opening of hopper, and tip over to drain excess water out.  Add remaining Gellets by hand after draining if needed.
  1. Attach Hopper to Blaster:While holding hopper in the upright position (so Gellets will not pour out), turn the Blaster upside down.  In this position, screw the hopper onto the Blaster, hand tight.  Now you can flip over the blaster without losing Gellets!
  1. Turn the Blaster On: On the back of the Blaster above the handle grip is a 3 ways toggle switch.  Press the switch to the left to select Single Shot. Press the switch to the right for Full Auto. Center Mode turns off the Blaster.  Blaster will go into Sleep Mode if left unused to save battery.  Press the trigger to re-engage!

  2.  Ready to Blast: Now that your Gel Blaster is all set up, gear up, and put on eye protection.  Time to Blast!

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