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Gel Blaster in Action

Are you ready to experience the entire line of Gel Blaster® backyard blasters?

Our blasters use specially formulated water beads called Gellets® as squishy eco-safe ammo that disintegrates on impact. This gives you hours of blasting fun in the backyard with NO clean-up! Gellets begin to dehydrate after impact, shrinking back to their original size while any particles left behind practically turning into dust!


Gel Blaster Surge


Gel Blaster StarFire - Glow in the Dark Gellet Blaster


Gel Blaster Surge XL - Long Range Gellet Blaster


Gel Blaster StarFire XL - Xtra Long Glow in the Dark Gellet Blaster 


Gel Blaster Surge XL: Day 'N Nite Edition - Coming Soon!