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Can Gel Blasters Shoot BBs?

Gel blaster balls and airsoft BBs weigh almost the same, but the similarities end there. Gel blaster balls are made of super absorbent polymer beads that burst upon impact. Airsoft BBs, on the other hand, are tiny plastic balls that don’t leave marks on targets. Instead, they leave behind welts on your skin.

A gel blaster and a BB gun are similar, however, if they both use a spring-loaded mechanism to shoot projectiles. It is no secret that airsoft guns, in general, have more firing power than gel blasters. Nevertheless, you might be wondering, can gel blasters shoot BBs, too?

Let’s find out!

What Exactly Are Gel Blaster Guns?

First things first, what are gel blasters

Simply put, gel blasters are battery-powered toy guns that use spring-loaded mechanisms to fire water-filled gel balls at targets. They are similar to other toy guns, such as paintball and airsoft guns, but they are deemed much safer to use. This is mainly because these water pellet guns shoot gel beads instead of hard plastic BBs or paintballs, which can leave painful welts on the skin. Plus, most gel blasters have lower firing power than the other two options, making them inherently less dangerous.

What Are Airsoft Pellets (BBs)?

Airsoft pellets, more commonly known as BBs, are tiny plastic pellets that weigh roughly 0.12 to 0.20 grams. Some pellets can be made out of metal. Either way, these pellets are powerful enough to cause noticeable pain and, in some cases, even serious injury.

Unlike paintballs and gel blaster beads, these pellets do not leave any noticeable marks on a target, which is why players typically go by the honor system during games and skirmishes.

So, Can Gel Blasters Shoot BBs?

Yes, it is technically possible to shoot BBs or ball bearings from a gel blaster, but there are many reasons why it’s not a good idea.

First off, gel blasters are only designed to load gel blaster ammo. These gel beads have the exact shape, size, and weight that put minimal pressure on the inner workings of a gel blaster. With that in mind, loading BBs or even paintballs in a gel blaster will likely damage it, rendering your gun useless. A few rounds of experimenting with BBs is not worth losing your gel blaster entirely.

Secondly, there are safety risks involved with using BBs with gel blasters. Gel blaster ammo is inherently safer and less painful than airsoft BBs and paintballs, but safety precautions are still a must. One must wear eye protection when playing with gel blasters because while they are not that powerful, they can still cause serious injury to an uncovered eye. Plus, getting hit with gel blaster beads can still sting, even though the pain might feel minor to most.

So, when you use BBs with your gel blaster, you are increasing the risk of seriously hurting or even injuring someone. At the very least, BBs can leave painful welts or bruises on the skin. But there are also some cases where BB guns have caused broken teeth, eye injuries, and even lacerations. Notice how protective clothing is a must for airsoft and optional for gel blasters? That’s because gel blaster beads only cause a minor sting at most.

Lastly, using BBs with your gel blaster is illegal. Modifying a gel blaster to shoot anything other than its proper ammo is an offense. To be more specific, modifying a gel blaster to make it potentially more dangerous–which is what you are doing by using BBs for more firepower–is illegal. If you get caught shooting a gel blaster with ammo other than gel beads, you could end up in serious trouble.

So, yes, it is possible to shoot BBs from a gel blaster, but it is not worth the risk. Instead, you should stick to gel blaster ammo, otherwise known as Gellets.

Gellets (Gel Balls) Explained:

Gel blaster ammo is very unique in texture and composition. So, you might be wondering, what are gel blaster balls made of?

Gel blaster balls are made from a super absorbent polymer called sodium polyacrylate. They start out as tiny pellets and expand 100 to 1000 times their size when soaked in water for a few hours. If you played with orbeez before, you’ll find gel blaster balls to be quite similar in both color and texture.

These gel beads burst upon impact but leave no stain or residue, unlike paintballs or BBs. Thus, they require no clean up and do not affect the environment. More importantly, they are not as painful as paintballs or BB ammo, only causing a slight sting upon impact. This is also why gel blasters are known as the best alternatives to airsoft and paintball guns.

Another common question that we get is: are gel blaster balls toxic? No, they are not. They leave no irritation and have zero toxicity risk if an animal or a human accidentally consumes them (we don’t recommend eating gel blaster balls, though!). So, they are super safe to use–basically like using a water gun, but more fun!

Can Gel Blasters Shoot BBs? Closing Thoughts

It is possible to shoot BBs from a gel blaster, but there is no good reason to try it out. Using BBs can damage your gel blaster and it can be dangerous to use. Furthermore, it can get you in trouble with the law. All things considered if you want to use BBs, buy a proper airsoft or BB gun.

But if you want some good, clean, and safe fun instead, there’s no better tactical toy than a gel blaster. These toy guns are powerful enough to make for an exciting game, but they are safe enough to be used by the whole family. Plus, gel blaster beads leave zero stains or residue, so you can have endless fun without worrying about the mess. But if you really want more firepower, consider buying a gel blaster with a higher FPS instead of swapping out ammo!